Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to Pose People For Portraits - Tips to Get the Best Portraits Possible

There's absolutely nothing quite like picking up a camera and taking a stunning photograph. It is even more fulfilling when that photograph is a portrait. Most of us want to know exactly how to take our own portraits. The reasoning behind it may be different, perhaps you want to save money taking your kids' pictures yourself or you have your heart set on a family portrait to send out during the holidays. The most common concern expressed when it comes to taking a good picture is how to pose people for portraits. If you understand the basics of how to get a good portrait, you'll always end up with a wonderful picture and memory once the experience is over.

The backdrop is crucial when it comes to understanding the best way to pose people for portraits. You may think a busy background will help create a more stunning picture, but in reality it may just take away from your subject or subjects. Choose a color and texture that is complementary to your subjects. If you are doing the portrait sitting outdoors make sure that the lighting is good and that the wind isn't going to wreak havoc with anyone's hairstyle. Keep it as simple as possible. Let the natural light guide you and you'll end up with a portrait that becomes a keepsake.

You should also try and make your subject feel at ease. Most of us aren't comfortable having our picture taken and when the focus is solely on us, we start to feel a little self-conscious. If that happens, the person you are photographing may appear stiff and their smile will be forced. You don't want that at all. Take a little time beforehand to talk to them and make them feel relaxed. You'll end up with a much better picture.

Anyone can learn how to take studio quality portraits at home. With just a few basic hints, you can create portraits that are stunning. Learn more tips on how to improve the look of the portraits you take of your family and friends.

Whether you want to take portraits for fun or profit, it's essential to understand how to approach the experience the same way professional photographers do. With a camera and insight into how to take a perfect portrait you'll become the photographer you always wished you could be.

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