Monday, March 2, 2009

Digital Photography Software

Digital Photography Software Options

Digital photography has exploded the possibilities available for capturing, sharing and manipulating photos. The increased attention has peaked the interest of many amateur photographers and the market is responding accordingly. There are many software products available for download as well as purchase. These products offer various ways to edit and organize your photos as well as provide instruction. I offer the following review of products that I found to be of good quality.

Kodak Gallery is a free online site for editing and storing photos. They also offer a number of services including gift ideas, personalized products and online tutorials. Shutterfly and Winkflash are very similar to Kodak Gallery offering a number of products such as greeting cards, calendars, mouse pads, etc. that can be personalized using your enhanced digital photos! These sites offer printing services and allow you to create a slide show to be shared via email. You are able to set various controls such as whether or not the recipients can view, print and or order any photos. It is always recommended regardless of which site you use that photos be back up on a disc in case of any server problems.

Before we move on to reviews of software products that have a variety of features that cover the photo taking process from start to finish. I can not resist mentioning, Tourist Remover Software. In the same way that HDR photos can take all the best bits from multiple exposures of the same subject and combine them into a single photo, FutureLAB's cleverly named Tourist Remover Software can remove tourists your travel photos. Simply snap a few shots of a building, statue, etc., happy tourists and all. Their software will combine all of the un-touristed sections of each picture into a single tourist-free photo.

Many software products are being offered that have camera control and recovery tools. I suggest the following software as I find it to be reasonably priced and of good quality.

Digital Camera Photography Professional Edition by Tradetouch Inc.

Features include:

Camera Control Tool which shows the user how to set capture time, control a remote camera, reduce the camera's shudder etc.

Photo Management Tool allows you to classify your photos, record the time, and present them in an album or other format.

Advise and Teach Skills such as adjusting light, choosing shooting time, and managing instruments.

Photo Edit Tool will help you cut or add something fun to photos, change color, compile several photos into one etc.

Recover Tool allows you to recover deleted photos from your PC's disc or camera's RAM.

Drivers for your camera are included with this software.

No Installation or Hard Disk space used, Browser based interface is extremely fast.

Digital Photos by Atari

Digital Photos is interactive software for editing, printing, and organizing your digital photos. The popular series is available for your computer. This is user friendly software that can help you with your everyday computing digital photo needs. Features include:

Educational Features will help you take superior photos by showing you how to adjust the ISO, focus manually or use auto focus, balance your white and colors and catch a moving target.

Printing Tips such as advice on what printers and paper are best for photo printing.

Photo Enhancement Tools which include instruction on how to avoid over compression and how to use the best formats when saving photos for different uses.

Automatic Storage of your photos, simply plug your digital camera into your computer and the software automatically transfers, classifies, and saves your photos.

Creating Fun Keepsakes using your software's wizards, you can create your own digital photo albums and put your albums on Web sites. You also can add transitions and music and turn your pics into slide shows. Or you can print your photos and design your own gifts.

Specialty software is also available! For example;

Secrets to Kids' Photography by Select Soft Publishing

This software introduces professional secrets that can mean the difference between taking an ordinary snapshot and capturing an incredible photo. An instructional video guides you through a real shoot. The user learns about different kinds of poses, how to give instructions, composition, creating a work area, equipment and props, high-key lighting etc.

Secrets to Fashion Photography by ARC Media

Allows you to follow along with the instructional video as experienced top fashion photographer Desmond Williams guides you through a real fashion shoot covering a wide range of assignment types. Learn about working with models, creating poses, makeup, equipment, lighting effects, marketing etc.

By Allison Merlino

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer - How To Be Professional And Keep Your Clients Pleased

Photography, requires some amount of visual aesthetic sense and an artistic outlook of life on the whole. Take your photography seriously, to rise quickly from the amateurish level. Be well-versed with the technicalities of photography, for they not only make your task easier but also enhance your work quality, processing and the deliverables. Essentially, the know-how of photographic techniques is what often differentiates a good wedding photographer from an average one.
Sit down with your clients and discuss the plans carefully. Discuss the costs and assure them of your abilities, as a budding professional wedding photographer. Needless to say, you must have the sense of aesthetically pleasing backgrounds. Gather ideas, clarify doubts, if any, ask questions and any concerns that you might have.

Executive Summary of wedding Photography by Dennis John

How to Photograph a Wedding – Groups

Many wedding photographers avoid taking large groups. You should never refuse to shoot a large group, there is always a demand for groups if you pose them correctly.
Most photographers who say there is little money to made with large groups, usually do not have the creativity to pose the groups.
You often see wedding photography where the photographer has posed the group in a long straight line. The effect of walking backwards to make the group fit the frame is that you end up with lots of sky, lots of ground and an unattractive looking group somewhere across the middle of the frame.
There are two methods I advise you to use when shooting big groups.
The first is to shoot from a high angle, for example from a first floor window above the group.

Executive Summary of wedding Photography by Bobby Jones

Monday, February 9, 2009

Child Photography

The Art Of Child Photography

Child Photography is one of the most exciting opportunities to capture expressions, attitudes and individual uniqueness. The secret of child photography is to understand children and what children do, how they act and behave. Children are fun and exciting to work. An experienced photographer will understand child photography. It’s important that the photographer allows children to be children and have fun, remain uninhibited, playful and natural – after all, it’s all about capturing your children’s nature and uniqueness. Child Photography should be spontaneous and relaxed allowing for natural composition to evolve. To create the best results the child photographer should take many images so that the best moments are captured.

It’s very important that your photographer provides a relaxed environment where your children are encouraged to relax and be themselves. You want to make sure the photographer is using high quality digital equipment, which ensures high definition images.

Child Photography requires special props and clothing.

An expert in Child Photography will endeavour to capture any unique features of your children.

Posing, placing and positioning for Child Photography is very important as is image design and style. You want their choices of settings and backgrounds to benefit and highlight your children’s personality and uniqueness.

Lighting is essential when it comes to child photography.

Spontaneity, mood and feelings is what child photography is all about.

Many photographers offer an extensive range of album presentations and framing to enhance your Child photography. Images are timeless, powerful and beautiful.

Executive Summary about Child Photography by Vittorio Natoli

The Passion Of A Great Child Portrait

Inspired to create your own child portrait? Children hold such wonderful
qualities, a simple innocence and a profound simplicity, beauty and awe about
Have fun, be playful. That's how you'll reach children.
You want to cherish that
unique spark of brightness in a child's life.
Like I mentioned, children are at a level of refined sensitivity and openness. It can take time.
Getting a good child portrait is not that difficult. Child activity happens fast. Carrying the tools of trade (camera) is going to create some action, responses and performance. What you want to achieve with your child portrait? You might want to stand way
back, relax and shoot with long lens and focus in as the children play. Keep it fun. You're after moments. The
moments are the precious stuff. Stuff that feels right, is right.

Executive Summary about Child Photography by Martin Hurley